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The Viola Professional Treatment Table

Description: Built around a strong, welded-steel frame, the fully-motorized Viola PowerTilt represents the pinnacle of form and fashion in spa table design. Its gorgeous cherry-veneer finish lends unmistakable beauty to any spa decor. It includes a storage shelf as standard. The table is further upgradeable to include a full storage cabinet with cherry, bamboo, or stainless steel doors and panels. Two electric motors smoothly control the position of the torso and leg sections of the table, while the base operates by foot control for smooth, hydraulic height adjustment from 21" to 33." Electrical power connection points inside provide easy access, operation, and storage of therapy equipment.

Standard Features
• Welded steel frame clad in beautiful cherry veneer, storage shelf standard
• Adjustable back and leg sections operated by electric motor with hand control
• Stylish wooden cabinet with cherry, bamboo, or stainless panels available as an upgrade
• Motorized, hydraulic height adjustment from 21" to 33", operated by foot control
• Environmentally-safe urethane vinyl with enhanced resistance to bacteria, fungus, and moisture, as well as skin oils
• Round upholstered corners
• Working surface: 30" wide by 73" long, 8" Leg Recess
• Lifting capacity 650 pounds, static weight capacity 1000 pounds
• Long-life 4" Triple-wrap foam
• Insertion points at both ends of table top for accessories

Base Price $4,667

Professional Treatment Table
Price: $4,667.00

Choose any door and panel upgrades here or leave as "none":

Choose any "Package/room upgrades" or leave as "none":

Choose any ala carte additional options or leave as "none":


• QuickTouch face rest $ 108
• Armrest shelf $ 52
• Footrest extension $ 59
• 60 degree armrests $ 85

Optional Cabinet Upgrade

• Cherry doors and end panels $ 179
• Bamboo doors and end panels $ 216
• Stainless steel doors and end panels $ 359

Table Upgrade $ 319
Includes QuickTouch face rest, color-matched stool, neck pillow, and armrests

Basic Room Package Upgrade $ 838
Includes table upgrade (above), plus Timbale cart, hot towel cabinet (standard-size), and one large Maha Bandle

Deluxe Room Package Upgrade $2,500
Includes basic room upgrade (above) plus sink and multipurpose cabinet

Description: Built around a strong, welded-steel frame, the fully-motorized Viola PowerTilt represents the pinnacle of form and fashion in spa table design. Its gorgeous cherry-veneer finish lends unmistakable beauty to any spa decor. It includes a storage shelf as standard.

Viola pictured with optional cabinet doors and end-panels

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The Timpani Professional Treatment Table

The Timpani Professional Treatment Table

Description: The table base operates by foot control for silent, smooth, motorized height adjustment from 21" to 33." Available in maple and wenge finishes, the Timpani will instantly draw the eye of every visitor to your salon while providing years of rugged service.


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The Cello Professional Treatment Table

The Cello Professional Treatment Table
Touch America's Cello treatment table features a sleek design with extra leg and knee room. This table adjusts vertically with no lateral movement, making it perfect for small treatment areas. Used by a wide range of health professionals, including physicians, naturopaths and acupuncturists, this table is ideal for many clinical and therapeutic applications. 


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Stationary Base Treatment Table
Invest in excellence. TouchAmerica's time-tested designs incorporate solid hardwood with optimum strength-to-weight ratios for security and longevity, even with the heaviest of use. Legs and braces are made from premium hardwoods selected from the finest grades of hard rock maple which possess a remarkable compact grain for unrivaled strength that finishes to a lustrous, lasting beauty. These durable treatment tables are selected by established professionals, resorts and spas that require premium performance and elegance. Optional cabinets are available.
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Link to Pedestal Base Professional Massage Tables Page
Description: Created for smaller workspaces, the Venetian Salon Stationary™ table fits anywhere. It's our most economical stationary table still offering independently-adjustable torso and leg sections. This makes the table ideal for facials, massage, reflexology and other spa and salon treatments - particularly for those requiring the stability of a stationary without the added cost.
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Hi-Lo Base Treatment Table
TouchAmerica's Hi-Lo Professional Treatment Tables feature a smooth, quiet, electric height adjustment that allows you to position clients to the ideal height for each treatment. This wide range of adjustments maximizes body mechanics for the therapist, enhances therapeutic technique and allows elderly and mobility impaired clients to get on and off the table easily.
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Marimba Professional Treatment Tables
The Marimba Multi-Purpose Professional Treatment Table
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Scissor Lift Professional Treatment Tables


Description: Multi-Treatment Table with Gas-Spring Adjustments, Hydraulic Lift and Built-In Pedicure Foot Tub. Our most popular multi-treatment table is now EASIER to use, SIMPLER to maintain and even MORE AFFORDABLE! Gas-spring technology provides separate one-finger adjustments for knees and back.

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Portable Massage Tables & Chairs
TouchAmerica's Portable Tables exemplify our leading edge tradition in the engineering and manufacturing of portable bodywork tables. Easy setup: assembles in seconds with no pins, buttons or collars to remember. Facespace fits on both ends of table. Easy to transport; carrying case available. Durable; top quality materials, cross braces for lateral strength, inset struts for minimum top deflection, maximum strength-to-weight ratio. All hardwood construction, no tropical woods, environmentally safe lacquer finish and fluorocarbon-free foam systems. Choice of standard and custom table sizes, height ranges, foam systems and choice of many application-specific fabrics and color options. PURCHASE / INFO...





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