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This incredibly luxury line of massage furniture is manufactured to meet our high standards at Goodspa.
Most pieces are manufactured near our headquarters in North Carolina.


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Portable Massage Treatment Tables TouchAmerica's Portable Tables exemplify our leading edge tradition in the engineering and manufacturing of portable bodywork tables. Easy setup: assembles in seconds with no pins, buttons or collars to remember. Facespace fits on both ends of table.  Easy to transport; carrying case available. Durable; top quality materials, cross braces for lateral strength, inset struts for minimum top deflection, maximum strength-to-weight ratio. All hardwood construction, no tropical woods, environmentally safe lacquer finish and fluorocarbon-free foam systems. Choice of standard and custom table sizes, height ranges, foam systems and choice of many application-specific fabrics and color options.

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Spiralinc II Portable Treatment Table

Fits with our philosophy of simplicity in today's fast and changing world. This table is a combination of our most popular up-scale options, at an economical price.

bullet Size: 30" X 72"
bullet Adjustable height
bullet Weight 35 lbs. (may vary depending on options)
bullet Durable Ultra Touch upholstery, color choices: Teal or Cream only
bullet Finely finished exterior and lacquered wood
bullet Adjustable Facespace
bullet Easy setup and take-down
bullet Working weight: 500 lbs. Static weight: 2,000 lbs.
bullet Fits standard TouchAmerica Travel Bags
bullet One-year warranty standard, optional five-year warranty $25
bullet PAT # 5,008,170
Fabric Colors:


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MultiPro Portable Treatment Table

Multi-functional in design and purpose, this table is at home in the massage, facial or multi-purpose spa room. Adjustable back rest and knee elevator maximize client comfort and therapist body mechanics. The back adjusts to four elevations.

bullet Size: 26" X 72" with foot and head extension
bullet 4" extra soft foam system
bullet Durable Ultra Touch upholstery, color choices: White or Cream
bullet Other colors are an additional $50.  See color selection options at the bottom of this page.
bullet Weight 57 lbs. (may vary depending on options)
bullet Working weight: 500 lbs.
bullet Rounded corners with hardwood construction
bullet Armrest holes standard
bullet Fits standard TouchAmerica Travel Bags
bullet Facespace, Armrests and Foot Rest optional
bullet PAT # 5,008,170
Fabric Colors:
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Seated Massage Chair

Perfect ergonomic fit for both client and practitioner including women in skirts. Unique torso tilt adjusts the whole body with one movement.  The seat  independently raises or tilts to accommodate therapist's height and client's comfort. The Facespace adjusts in tilt, height and depth to accommodate various client sizes and shapes. Two chest pad shapes are available for all body types that adjust in tilt and height on the unique torso tilt mechanism. Arm Rest is adjustable in height and tilt with one-handed, one-time movement.

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