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This incredibly luxury line of massage furniture is manufactured to meet our high standards at Goodspa.
Most pieces are manufactured near our headquarters in North Carolina.


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Pedestal Base Treatment Table
Height range: 28" to 40", easily accommodates professionals of varying heights performing a variety of treatments
Width: 29" or 31" Length: 72" standard
Available in AC Line Powered or DC Battery Powered versions
Extra soft 4" foam system
Seamless rounded corners for smooth appearance and longer wear
Dynamic weight capacity of 800 lbs.
Lifting weight capacity of 450 lbs.
Convenient foot pedal for quiet and easy table adjustments
Whisper quiet motor ensures relaxing atmosphere
Choice of fabric and color
Warranty for ten years on structure, one year on motor & control system
Fabric Colors:

The Pedestal Body Treatment Table
Perfect table for massage and body work. Very popular with chiropractors, naturopaths and massage therapist.
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The Pedestal Face and Body Treatment Table
Chosen by many day spas for its versatility. Perform facials to reflexology when treatment space is at a premium.
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The Pedestal Gas Lift Multi Pro Treatment Table (pictured)
You can perform any kind of treatment on this table. The perfect match when your treatment space has many uses.
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The Pedestal Power Tilt Multi Pro Table
This mechanically advanced table provides additional comfort to your client and allows you to pay full attention to the treatment.  Features a hand-held control that allows for exact and easy positioning.  Flex Armrests and Facial/Neck Bolster optional.

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