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Here are some of our students websites that were built free of charge.

Sites are built free of charge (with certai restriction) and hosted for one year free of charge, after which hosting is $150 per six months or $250 per year. At this point any advertising (that helps with our costs) may be removed. There is also a buyout option for $1500.You are under no obligation and you may opt out at any point and create another site with another company. Please remember that this is for full 40 hour students and only for students who do not have a website already and we must register the domain name for you.

There are many strong advantages to this program. It costs nothing to get your business up and running on the internet, in most cases right away. Your site is linked to a network of related sites in such away that makes it popular with search engines. It usually starts showing up within 1 to 3 weeks for certain search terms.


Check out our newest student's site. We are finishing it soon.






We have proudly served the day spa and mineral inch loss body wrap industries for the past three years. We provide top quality solutions, equipment, used day spa equipment and training for mineral inch loss body wrapping, spray tanning, cellulite therapy, massage, permanent cosmetics and more.

We are located in Wilmington, North Carolina. We train and supply in body wraps, permanent cosmetics, microdermabrasion, airbrush tanning , subdermal therapy, steam treatments and other spa services. We offer an inviting, working Day Spa environment giving you the chance to work with the equipment you are purchasing.
We offer day spa equipment and mineral body wrap training, day spa supplies, inch loss body wrap training, we also offer permanent cosmetics video, permanent cosmetics training, body wrap supplies, we are a permanent makeup school.

Contact us today for additional info. 910-240-0209

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