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Needle Derma Rollers for scars, acne, wrinkle needling and hair stimulation & regrowth.

Derma Roller Neddle Sizes: 0.25mm, 0.5mm , 1.0mm ,1.5mm, 2.0mm

Wrinkle needling: These quality titanium needles are helpful in revitalizing and rejuvinating aging wrinkled skin through collegen induction.

Needling will also help promote elasticity and thickness of skin, absorbtion of cosmetic products into the skin. It will reduce the appearence of cellulite, enlarged pores, stretchmarks and wrinkles. Also use the needle roller to enhance the effectivenedd of hair growth products.

Scar Needling: Rolling needles over scar tissue will soften and reduce the scar tissue.

Needling helps improve the effectiveness of cosmetic products and hair growth products by allowing a much greater absorbtion of the active ingredients into the skin where ther are needed. May increase absorbtion from average of 4% to as much as 87%!



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