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Goodspa Cosmetic alginates

We are proud to announce that Goodspa is now offering fine quality Cosmetic Alginates

Neutral alginate.


Goodspa alginates originate from totally natural raw materials, the Brown Algae (Laminaria Hyperborea Algae) which are collected along the Norwegian coast in full compliance with local environmental regulations and manufactured in Italy to meet the highest standards and specifications. Accurate tests, constant Research & Development, and modern production systems guarantee great efficiency and excellent quality

Technical characteristics

  • Natural raw materials
  • Neutral pH
  • Mixing ratio 1:3
  • Setting Time: 13-19 minutes/9-13 minutes

The specific treatments

Experience, innovation, client orientation and flexible production allow us to create customized formulations for bulk orders, fulfilling customers’ specific requirements and evolving market demands. Our standard product range includes the following treatments:

  • Anti-wrinkle treatment
  • Lightening treatment
  • Moisturizing treatment
  • Purifying treatment
  • Revitalizing treatment
  • Smoothening treatment

  • Further personalized formulations can be developed for specific actions and applications.
    Active ingredients, flavors and colors can also be customized.

    All ingredients are cosmetically approved.

    Please call for pricing. To learn about the properties and ingredients of these fine products please use the following links:



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