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HVLP ~VS~ Airbrush?

It is understandably confusing when you first dive into the world of spray tanning equipment and options. Not only are you trying to learn a technology but you quickly learn that there are several technologies to learn about before making the right choice. What complicates matters is that eager sales staff do not always seem to have your best interest at heart. Some may want to help but unfortunately, for most, the sale supersedes your education.


We will try to simplify for you with a few basic statements that we hold to be true. We are a pretty successful supply company and we came into the business of supplying spas and salons by first owning them and going through what you are going through.

Here is some of what we have learned regarding equipment:

  1. Airbrushes are amazing tools for painting details like fingernails and ornaments. They are capable of painting a body but doing so may take 30 minutes or longer which is an incredibly bad idea in a business environment. Some of our salons do thirty to forty spray tans a day. With an airbrush this would take a good 17-24 hours.
  2. A turbine HVLP system easily covers a client in about three minutes.
  3. An airbrush uses highly compressed air. This is an explosive action that pretty much vaporizes the solution and creates a lot of vapor cloud.
  4. HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure. This simply means that with a much bigger hose that transports a much larger volume of air at low pressure. It is a vastly superior delivery system for something a large as a human body.
  5. The terms HVLP and Turbine are used interchangeably and generally mean the same thing..
  6. An airbrush is about the size of a regular pencil while a true HVLP gun is about the size of a hair dryer.
  7. An airbrush hose is about the same diameter as a regular pencil while a true HVLP hose is usually 3/4" (about the size of a large garden hose)
  8. An airbrush is powered by a compressor which is an electric motor that usually compresses air with a piston.
  9. An HVLP is a turbine system.This is a powerful fan (fans) that is capable of creating an incredible volume of air which is channeled into a hose and through the sophisticated spray gun.
  10. Some manufacturers call their regular airbrush equipment, HVLP and design larger airbrushes that mimic the look of HVLP guns. This is very deceptive. In in reality they are simply airbrushes which need compressors and small air hoses.This is why there is the need to use the term (TRUE HVLP)
  11. Airbrushes were developed to do fine detail.
  12. Turbine or (HVLP) was designed to cover larger surfaces such as furniture, cabinets and automobiles.
  13. Laser use for spray tanning is a gimmick that was created to appeal to people who have not yet learned about how to spray tan and are thus more easily convinced that this will somehow make the application easier. This is kind of like attaching a laser to you hair dryer.
  14. It is a common mistake to buy cheap or even overpriced models of HVLP systems available that DO NOT use guns designed for spray tanning so you need to be careful in choosing a system. Make sure you are buying from a company that sells spray tanning HVLP equipment.
  15. All equipment and solution has some overspray. It is misleading to claim that a solution or gun creates no overspray. Spraying in and of itself is making a liquid airborne and in so doing you will always have some solution particles that do not attach to the skin.
  16. If you are doing spray tanning as a business, you will need to have a spray booth, room or tent that is capable of confining and filtering the air. Two filtration units is best. Some people simply use the pop-up without buying a filtration system, we strongly recommend that you get a powerful filtration device or two. Some companies use three. We feel that two is plenty if they are full power 20x20 filter systems.








Spray tanning kits

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Turbo Tango Complete HVLP Kit
HVLP ~VS~ Airbrush?
What's the difference? (Click here to learn
These are quality spray tanning kits. If you are price shopping, remember that comparing an aibrush kit to a turbine kit like this is like comparing a moped to a Lexus. Also know that this is a true HVLP system from TangoSun and Accuspray.

The Basic Kit includes complete turbine system with Accuspray 2 stage turbine and gun (nothing like anything available in stores) This is the best... a very hi-grade system. This is a complete equipment system which is the equipment that you need to do spray tanning

With the Deluxe package, you will get everything that you need to start today including equipment, solution, 100 high quality brochures and more.

Basic Kit: Turbo Tango with gun and hose.
The Turbo-Tango Basic kit includes:
1-portable 2 stage turbine unit
1-Non-bleeder gun
1-re-enforced 12' quick connect hose
1- 8oz. spray cup

1- full warranty.

Includes Free Solution Sample!


Deluxe Kit
The Turbo-Tango Deluxe kit includes:
1-portable 2 stage turbine unit
1-Non-bleeder gun
1-re-enforced 12' quick connect hose
1- 8oz. spray liquid cup
1- gallon of TangoSun Spray Tanning Product
1- 4oz Tango Blast intensity drops.
1- half gallon Tan Prep.
1- full warranty.
1-Training Video
100 Free brochures


Buisness Kit (Includes spray booth)
The Turbo-Tango Business kit includes
1-portable 2 stage turbine unit
1-Non-bleeder gun
1-re-enforced 12' quick connect hose
1-Tan-Hut II Spray tanning room.

(with Power Filter)
1- 8oz. spray liquid cup
1- gallon of TangoSun Spray Tanning Product
1- 4oz Tango Blast intensity drops.
1- half gallonTan Prep.

1- full warranty.
1-Training Video
100 Free brochures



Other spray tanning supplies

This is an amazing Goodspa product!
TangoPrimer Tan-Prep is a solution designed to adjust the pH of the skin as well as being a cleansing, last stage exfoliant, pre-tanning buffer. It removes oils , dead skin cells and debris from the skin while beginning the tanning process. Tan-Prep will help you achieve a smoother, richer, darker and longer lasting tan
1/2 gallon TangoPrimer Tan-Prep

Training Video DVD or VHS
Learn how to do airbrush tanning with this comprehensive yet simple video.
Price $46


TangoBlast Color Concentrate Drops.
Goodspa has the perfect color! Still some people request color intensifier for clients with skin that is tan already or perhaps to help doctor poorly colored solutions. This should only be used at the rate of about 1/2 tspn. per session. Too much color on the skin is not good.
4 ounce dropper bottle $28

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4 oz. TangoBlast Quantity

SkinDance Lotion with DHA
Call for Case Pricing
8 oz. Bottle
$14+ $3 shipping in the U.S.

Our lotion is designed for preserving and prolonging your spray tan.

Skin Dance Should be applied 3 or 4 hours before tanning and again after 8 hours (after shower). It is enriched with super moisturizers to keep skin healthy while slowing cell turnover rate and has added DHA to prolong the tan.
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8 oz. SkinDance with DHA

For best tanning results, follow these five simple steps:
1) Exfoliate.
2) Moisturize three hours before tanning.
4) Buff skin with "TangoPrimer"
4) Weight at least eight hours then shower and re-moisturize.