Jojoba oil is widely known for it's deep penetrating and quick absorption qualities. Jojoba Oil is also an excellent emollient.

JOJOBA OIL Crushed from the seed of a shrub (Simmondsia Chinenis) from the Sonoran Desert Areas of Southern California. Its common Spanish name pronounces the "J" as a "H" in English. "Ho-Ho-Ba" Spanish missionaries noted the use of the oil by Indian tribes (Apache notably) for cosmetic, medical, and nutritional purposes. Twentieth century research uncovered the similarity to whale oil.

THE SPERM WHALE & JOJOBA U.S.A. university studies in the twenties and thirties confirmed the fact that the valuable sperm whale oil and JoJoba oil had identical characteristics and structure with the notable exception of a fishy odour. JoJoba became a complete replacement for whale oil in industry and cosmetics.

INSAPONIFIABLES AND YOUR SKIN Research shows that insaponifiables applied to skin increase the dermal state of elastin. Starting from our early twenties (even younger if we spend a lot of time in the sun) our skin starts to lose its elasticity. It literally cracks with the progressive loss of elastin fibre. All vegetable oils contain insaponifiables to some degree, most around 2 to 3%. JoJoba has 50%. Used daily in your skin care program you can help fight time and wrinkles. Can be used for males as well as females.

JOJOBA IN COSMETICS There are several cosmetic preparations using some percentage of JoJoba. A little is good for your skin -

A LOT IS BETTER! Add pure JoJoba oil to your favourite face and body cream and use the oil undiluted as a skin food, and as a cleanser. You can feel and see the difference ! And for a modest outlay. As an oil it goes a long way. This is not an impossible fantasy in a fancy bottle at an impossible price. JoJoba is odourless and absorbs deep into the skin, resulting in a smooth satin appearance, it does not lay on top looking sticky.

SKIN CARE Use daily and after exposure to the elements. Use 100% pure oil. Add JoJoba to your day or night cream.

CLEANSER Use JoJoba as a cleanser, and if you are late home or tired, one cleansing and nourishment is enough to let you tumble into bed.

SCARS & MARKS Apply JoJoba often. If possible, warm it first for quicker results.

RASHES; CHAFFING; ROUGHNESS; WINDBURN; SUNBURN; ELBOWS, AND HEELS Follow FREQUENT JoJoba applications with a super rich body lotion - preferably with Aloe Vera and vitamin E. Two to four times daily.

COLD SORES Pure JoJoba oil should be massaged in at first symptoms.
BRUISES Apply two to four times daily and massage gently.

ACNE Wash face thoroughly with a good soap (not the highly perfumed type), rinse well with warm water and apply a little JoJoba and massage in twice daily. Use Aloe Vera jelly and Australian tea tree oil in alternate applications. Watch your diet by avoiding fatty foods and dairy products. Cleanse the body internally and keep bowels open. These principles need to be followed with much patience over a long period. Don't despair. Pure JoJoba oil will help break up the scar tissue.

SCALP & HAIR CLEANSING Massage oil into scalp and hair 15 minutes before shampooing and conditioning. JoJoba is naturally

P.H. balanced. Particularly beneficial for dry or bleached hair.

HANDS & NAILS JoJoba oil nourishes hands and nails in one economical application. Leave a bottle of oil near the sink and apply after immersing hands in water. Rub JoJoba oil well into the wick area.


1QT $29

1/2 Gallon $55

1 Gallon$100





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